The quality management standards of the ISO 9001 family, which were introduced in 1987, from the basis for quality assurance and quality management for a wide variety of organisations from many different branches all over the world. The ISO 9001 family is the most extensive family of standards within the whole of ISO (International Organisation for Standardization) Both nationally and intermationally, a QM system according to ISO 9001 is considered to the ideal basis for modern companies of all size and from all sectors who want to demonstrate their expertise and ability to perfrom. The ISO 9001 family of standards is characterised by the fact that the standards can be applied to all branches and sectors of industry – production companies and service providers alike. This means that a common standard exists against which all companies all over the world can be measured.

Increasing environmental awareness in the general population means that the environment is also becoming more and more important for companies of all kinds and in all sectors: companies who can demonstrate that they act in a way which is kind to the environment improve their image and strengthen their market position. In fact, companies profit in many dufferent ways from the implementation of an Environment Management System.

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